It is astonishing the amount of wrong information that is out there about weight loss. This has created fear among most obese people and has also led to many opting for downright unhealthy ways to lose weight and risking their health in the process. Below are some of the popular weight loss myths and the truth about them.

Healthy foods are expensive
There is a general feeling that you have to spend more to eat healthily. Most of the healthy food sellers tend to charge a premium for the promise of good health. However, there are many cheap, healthy alternatives in the market. Consider greens, frozen vegetables, beans, eggs, and fish as alternatives to unhealthy diets.

You need a radical exercise program to lose weight
There is the push to stand on the weighing machine from time to time to determine your weight. This is what fad exercise programs promote. However, weight loss involves the accumulation of small exercise activity throughout the day.
Getting at least 150 to 200 minutes of physical activity a week is a good start. You can achieve this by taking the stairs when going up the building jogging after work, taking a walk in the park, a little dancing, and playing with pets at home.

Eating carbs will make you add weight
This is partially true and partly a myth. If you eat the right quantities of carbohydrates in your diet, you will not add any weight. Moreover, if you go for wholemeal carbs such as unprocessed grains, wholemeal bread, and potatoes with the skins on them, you will get fuller and eventually eat less thereby leading to the loss of weight. Avoid deep fried carbs and sugared starchy foods as they are very high in calories and will cause weight gain.

Starving will help you lose weight fast
Crash diets and starving are the worst programs to losing weight. In fact, you are most likely to gain weight in the long term. These programs cause you to suffer from deficiencies of important nutrients in the body and conditions that go with them. In addition, the body ‘senses danger’ during the dieting period. Therefore, you will crave for carbs and eat much more once you are not able to maintain the diet effectively wiping out the weight loss gains you had made.

Thin people are healthy while the obese are unhealthy
While lots of weight gain is unhealthy for the body, it does not mean that lean people are the healthiest. Many metabolic diseases come from accumulation of fats on vital organs, which may happen to the thin people