Cravings are strong desires that cause to look everywhere for that cookie jar or that chocolate bar. There are other types of craving, but this article will deal with craving for sugared food.

It is rare to find people having a craving for vegetables such as carrots and cabbages. Most cravings are usually for foods high in carbs and fat. When these ingredients are ingested, the trigger the mind to release national pleasure hormones and you feel good about it. This is one of the causes of obesity among the adults.

Some hormones such as Ghrelin also cause an increase in the craving. Ghrelin is the hunger hormone. During craving, its level goes up in the blood thereby making you feel hungry even when you have eaten.


How do you fight your cravings?

1. Craving is not an emergency

Do not be swept by the urgency of having to have the food now. You can hesitate and get busy for some time. The craving will fizzle out after a while. This strategy of fighting craving is better than facing it head-on.

2.Lean in

Sometimes the body wants acknowledgment that the craving is there. Take a moment and breathe calmly. Describe your craving (in your mind or loudly) in un-dramatic terms. Turn some hate to the craving. This conditions your mind to start rejecting the craving. It is gradual but eventually wears out the craving.


3. Look for triggers

Most of the time, there is something that triggers a craving. It may be boredom, emotional stress, anger, and so forth. Keep track of your cravings. When do they happen? What are the underlying reasons for the cravings? How do you deal with the underlying factors? Dealing with these factors is a sure way of eliminating the cravings.

4. Mindful eating

When you finally get the kind of food you crave, take your time to eat it. Instead of the mindless eating which occurs when you are reading or watching TV, get your mind to your eating. Evaluate every taste. Eat slowly. Soon your mind will get tired of doing that to your food, and the craving will go down.

5. Eat a balanced diet

A good diet helps eliminate deficiencies for some nutrients. Moreover, it promotes mental and physical health as well eliminating some of the triggers that cause people to crave for sugary food.

Combine two or more of these tips at a time to deal with the problem of food cravings and avoid getting overweight.