It is a no-brainer that physical activity plays an essential part in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. However, most of us experience lots of challenges when trying to do some exercise or even ANY exercise. Here we explore the challenges that come with trying to incorporate exercises into our routine and a few solutions to these problems.

Exercise is uncomfortable and difficult

Most people would rather do everything else other than exercise. Many people associate exercising with unenjoyable labor. This works by creating some mental rejection to exercising.

Physical activity is more acceptable than exercising. Cumulative movements can work as good as exercising in a gym. You may decide to walk to the stores for groceries. Alight a little further from home and walk home from work, take stair when moving two to three floors rather than an elevator. Cumulatively, you will have burnt enough calories to stay healthy.

Physical activity increases cravings and hunger

As the body increases its energy expenditure due to increased physical activity, the systems try to defend the loss of weight beyond a set limit. This is because the weight is a program at the hypothalamus. Due to this, you tend to feel hungrier and crave for more sugared foods after physical exercise.

If you follow your craving and hunger pangs, you are going to eat back all the calories that you had burnt. To prevent this scenario, always eat well before and after exercise. There is a tendency to eat little portions and eat food with very low calories when exercising for weight loss. Unfortunately, it causes an energy deficit in the body, which the body tries to recover.

Overweight people are prone to workout injuries

Overweight people can be injured depending on the kind of exercise they are participating in and the amount of excess weight in the body. Increased torque on the joints due to excess weight.

To prevent injuries, it is good to start with body conditioning and warm-ups before engaging in more rigorous exercises. It is also important to exercise in the right gear and with the help of certified fitness instructor.

In addition, it is important to listen to the body and stop when it says so. Over exercising puts you at a risk of injury. In addition, it is important to have proper nutrition so that the body can handle the increased physical activity with ease.