Many of the people today focus on toning and/or flattening their belly when it comes to losing weight. One is more motivated when he or she can fit into the outfit in which he or she never fitted before or for the compliments that come with losing weight. While this is great, the biggest goal should be to burn fat and grow more muscle.
Belly fat is one of the toughest fats that linger in your body even with moderate exercise and is definitely one of the main causes for remaining overweight and unhealthy. Below are some of the easy workouts that you can have to burn belly fat.


Crunches are a perfect method to burn belly fat. You do them by lying flat on a mat with the knees bent and the feet off the ground. Place the hands behind your head. Inhale deeply as you lift your upper part off the mat. Exhale and return to the previous position. Try the exercise at least ten times before taking a rest.

Bicycle exercise

You can do the bicycle exercise without owning a bicycle. You perform the exercise by lying on the floor and keeping the hands on the sides or behind your head as you perform the exercises. Then, lift the legs off the ground and bend them at your knees. Bring your right knee near the chest. Then, alternate with the left knee. Keep doing so as if you are paddling a bicycle.

Lunge twist

Lunge Twist is an easy exercise even to those who are not seasoned for strenuous exercises. You start by standing with the legs apart and keeping the knees bent. Align your hands to the shoulders as you lift them up parallel to the ground. Then lunge forward (take a big step with your right foot. Then mimic sitting down as if there is a chair below your right hip)
As you do this, keep the spine upright. Then, twist the torso to the right then left (without bending your spine). Do the exercise at least 15 times before taking a rest.

Stomach vacuum

This low impact exercise emphasizes on breathing rather than the increase of the heart rate. Start by kneeling on the fours while using the knees and hands to support the body. Then inhale slowly but deeply as you make the abdomen muscles loose. Tighten these muscles as you exhale. Hold this position for about a half a minute before repeating the process. Do at least five times before taking a rest.